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Name:Tolkien Double Drabbles
Posting Access:All Members
1. toilanddrouble is a community for double drabbles inspired by the works of J.R.R.Tolkien or by actors who took part in the movies.

2. A double drabble is just that--a work of fiction of no more and no less than 200 words in length. If in doubt, count the drouble by hand. Titles may be up to eight words in length.

3. Droubles may be gen, slash, or het.

4. All members may post, and whenever the fancy takes them.

5. You may post the drouble here or link to your own LJ/DW. You may also crosspost as your whimsy takes you.

6. Drouble posts should include something that looks like this:

Word Count: 200
Genre: [RPS, RP, FP, or FPS]
Source text: [and please also indicate here if it's movieverse]
Author's Comments:

7. If you post your drouble here, please place it under a cut tag.

8. Please don't disable comments. Some readers prefer to comment on the community. If you'd like the comments to be left on your personal LJ/DW, make a request in your author notes.

Thank you kindly.
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