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Title: For a Brother
Word Count: 200
Characters: The Nine; focus on Boromir and Pippin
Source text: Could be a little movieverse mixed in with bookverse
Rating/Warning: All ages
Disclaimer: Tolkien's universe; my drabbling
Author's Comments: Written for Back to Middle-earth Month

Only Legolas now is able to leap lightly over the obstacles that strew their path. Gimli trudges on grimly, disdaining help and swatting away the Elf’s proffered hand. He is slow but determined and seems to have the strength and endurance of the rock he loves. Despite his age, Gandalf seems to move almost as lightly as Legolas. Boromir realises that he is not needed there. The Halflings, though, do need the help and do not refuse it; all understand that at times courage cannot replace length of leg.

Without a word, the two Men and the Elf apportion the work of lifting and carrying between them. Pippin becomes Boromir’s special task. With the pricklings of resentment that have become his daily companion, he blames Aragorn for not trusting him with Frodo and the Ring. Yet in his heart, he knows that he chooses Pippin as if by helping this youngest Hobbit he can make up for not being able to help his brother. Back in Gondor Faramir faces many dangers and Boromir may no longer come to his aid, but, for a moment, as he clasps Pippin in his arms to lift him over a rock he is comforted.

Date: 2008-03-05 07:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lindahoyland.livejournal.com
This was very touching.I liked it.You capture Boromir well.


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