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Title:Behind the Tool Shed
Author: [livejournal.com profile] siouxieq
Word Count: 200
Characters/Pairing: Sam and Merry
Rating/Warning:  PG  Pure silliness
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing with other people's toys.
Author's Note: Part of the Summer, Sam and Scones series.

“Psst, Merry,” Sam whispered loudly from behind the tool shed as Merry was walking past. “Over here, I’ve got something I think you might like to see.”

Oh yes, Sam.  You definitely have something I’d like to see, thought Merry as he ambled, ever so slowly, attempting to affect a nonchalant saunter, through the garden towards the shed.

“Look at it, Merry.  Have you ever seen the like?” Sam was positively glowing. “Look at the curve to it. It’s firming as it grows.  You can touch it if you like.”

Merry was suitably impressed by Sam’s display and was indeed inclined to reach out and *touch*. “Oh Sam, it looks almost good enough to eat.”

“I’d like to prepare it a bit before we get to that stage, Merry.  But you will be the first to enjoy it when it’s ready”

“I can hardly wait, it looks absolutely delectable.  Will you be giving some to Frodo or am I the only lucky one to partake in the pleasure?”

“I couldn’t let Mr Frodo miss out on this, Merry.  He’s been eyeing it for weeks.  I think I’ll make a zucchini slice out of it, it seems to be everybody’s favourite.”


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